Nursing Mamas who are struggling to lose weight...

How to Lose Weight While Nursing

I thought the weight was just going to "fall off"

But what I realized was that just wasn't true!

I was 4 months post partum and trying EVERYTHING to lose weight and get back into my favorite clothes without drying up my milk. 

Nothing was working... Until I discovered what I was missing. 

What I'm going to share in this Free Guide how I went from stuck and depressed to losing weight and having confidence again! 

I have put together the exact plan I followed, and I want to share it with you for FREE!


  • Kick your sugar cravings for good!
  • Find natural energy without the crash.
  • Fuel your body with what it needs most.
  • Lose weight without losing your milk supply.
  • Target your skin after pregnancy.  

Plus, access to awesome resources! 

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